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Maxim's Movie Title Translator

Inception is but the latest in a long line of movie titles that make us scratch our heads. Judging by the trailer alone, it looks like a feature-length adaptation of Cheap Trick's totally awesome "Dream Police."

Why all the big words, Hollywood? You have to keep things dumbed down for us simpletons! Luckily, we've compiled our own dictionary to help sort out 10 of the most confusing titles in motion-picture history.


The Quantum of Solace movie poster is hard to follow.

Title: Quantum of Solace

Definition: "Bond is Still Pissed From the Last Movie"



The Invictus Movie Poster is confusing.

Title: Invictus

Definition: "Ebony & Ivory & Rugby"



The Ratatouille movie poster is still pretty gross.

Title: Ratatouille

Definition: "A Rat Cooks. You Barf."



Were still trying to figure out what existenz means on this poster.

Title: eXistenZ

Definition: "That Crappy Virtual Reality Movie You Never Saw"



Insurrection is far too big of a word for a Star Trek movie.

Title: Star Trek: Insurrection

Definition: "Star Trek: Masturbating Nerds 9"



The Equilibrium movie poster looks a lot like The Matrix.

Title: Equilibrium

Definition: "The Matrix with More Gunfights"



Tim Robbins made a hula hoop is The Hudsucker Proxy.

Title: The Hudsucker Proxy

Definition: "Tim Robbins Makes a Hula Hoop"



At least Natalie Portman was in Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium.

Title: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Definition: "Not Even Natalie Portman Can Dull This Pain"



We dont understand why this movies called The Prestige.

Title: The Prestige

Definition: "Well, 'How a Magic Trick Ends' Probably Won't Sell Tickets"



Who cares what Atonement means as long as Keira Knightley is in it?

Title: Atonement

Definition: "Guys, Keira Knightley Totally Has Sex in a Library"