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Men in Black 3

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

Is the third time a charm, or a harm?

The Pitch: You know the drill: Aliens are everywhere and it’s up to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (and Josh Brolin) to save the entire planet while cracking jokes and climbing up towers.

What It Really Is: A fun summer movie. Those 10 years since the lame sequel have paid off as this time around the jokes actually seem funny, the alien designs actually seem creative and the story actually feels interesting. When the evil biker-alien Boris (played by Jemaine Clement under pounds of impressive makeup) escapes moon prison and travels back in time, it’s up to Will Smith to stop him from ruining the galaxy. Much of the story takes place in 1969, but the movie smartly avoids the typical Austin Powers jokes--save for one funny scene with Bill Hader playing Andy Warhol at a swinging party. As you can tell from the trailer, Josh Brolin can do a spot-on impression of young Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith is his usual likeable self. That said, there’s a bit of a been-there done-that vibe. How many times do the agents have to go into a store or restaurant to interrogate a silly alien or erase the mind of witnesses? And didn’t the first movie also end with a climatic scene of people climbing up stuff? And how come the Avengers or Batman wasn’t in this!?! Press-Ready Blurb: “Black is back in force!” -

Warning to Rip Torn Fans: His character from the previous movies is dead before this movie even begins.

That’s Not Tim Curry: You may think Boris is played by Tim Curry, until you read the credits and yell to the screen, “That’s that guy from Flight of the Conchords?! No way!”

How Is the Time Travel: Not as good as Back to the Future, but much better than Lost.

Who’s It For: Those who thought Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was logically sound, people who miss hearing “shit” a lot in PG-13 movies, Rip Torn haters.


Studio: Sony Pictures