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Miss March

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10
Directed by: Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore

The Skinny: After reluctantly agreeing to swap virginities with his high school girlfriend (Raquel Alessi), abstinence peddler Eugene (Cregger) suffers a coma-inducing mishap before he can close the deal. Upon awaking four years later, he's shocked to discover that she's moved on, by way of her appearance in Playboy magazine. To win her back, he and perpetually pubescent pal Tucker (Moore) embark on a cross-country trek to crash the mag's famed mansion.

The Good: Even top 40 radio produces the occasionally worthwhile song despite its own tired format, and Miss March follows with almost Watchmen-like faithfulness the verse-chorus-verse cadence of the high school gross-out/road trip/buddy flick, layering in great new gags and genuinely funny dialogue. This is the kind of movie that usually sucks, and it likely would have were the producers not farsighted enough to get Cregger and Moore (of The Whitest Kids U Know obscurity) on board to breathe nitrous into the script.

The Bad: For every moment of comedic brilliance, there's either a vacuous moment of awkward transition, tediously protracted dialogue, or payment of painful, contractually-obligated tribute to the Playboy brand. Also, someone should really notify Hef that he died 15 years ago.

T&… Hey! For a movie produced by, about, and for the Playboy brand, there's a decided paucity of prurient content. The Ratings Board is notoriously harsh, but the filmmakers could still probably have squeezed a few more boobs out of them. More reason to buy the unrated edition on DVD, we suppose.

Theater, DVD, or TNT in five years? It's worth your 89 minutes. And, given the anticipated apathy of moviegoers worn on the genre, that's about as long as it'll have in theaters, so you'd best make it quick.