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My Big Fat Greek Bender



It only took one table read for Forgetting Sarah Marshall rookie director Nicholas Stoller to realize that he wanted to make his second movie with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. “Those guys were just really funny riffing together,” Stoller explains. “I remember thinking, If they let me do another movie, I want to do it with those two.” Nearly $100 million in box office receipts later, Stoller gets his wish with Get Him to the Greek, a spin-off that sheds all rom-com pretense (and Jason Segel wang) for a party-till-you-puke vibe.

Infant Sorrow lead singer Aldous Snow (Brand) is back to his debaucherous ways after cleaning up his act in Sarah Marshall. And with a gig at L.A.’s famed Greek Theatre set to start in 72 hours, it’s up to lowly record company exec Aaron Green (Hill, playing a different character than in Sarah Marshall) to get this absinthe-pounding, groupie-loving rocker to the States in one piece. “He’s trying to harness this guy, but the thing about Aldous is that he likes to have someone to party with,” Stoller explains. “Aaron is excited to do that in the beginning, but he soon becomes less and less so.” Considering their antics go from chugging beers in London to Aaron hiding drugs in his—well, you can guess—we can’t exactly blame him.

For Stoller—who penned the script without his Sarah Marshall star, Segel (the two are, however, working on a new Muppets movie together)—Get Him to the Greek is a chance to step out of the background and prove his value to the Judd Apatow crew. But that doesn’t make this sequel that’s not quite a sequel any easier to describe. “It’s a spin-off, but it’s not,” laughs the confused director. “I’ve been trying to find another movie like this, and the only example I can think of is Elektra was a spin-off of Daredevil.” Um, let’s hope he has better luck