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Not Another Teen Movie

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10
A spoof that bundles together teen movie targets over the last 20 years is about as original as a high school virgin fucking a pie, but Teen Movie threw enough shit against the wall (in some cases, literally) that a handful of laughs stuck. The flick's newest DVD release includes uncensored action with 10 more minutes of additional footage, but only hardcore fans will be able to discern the extra breasts, ass cheeks, and punch lines. As it is, those 10 minutes mark the only difference between this version and the movie's last DVD release. The extras are all the same, including a stylized Making-Of featurette that over-analyzes gross-out gags (is it that hard to making an exploding toilet funny?) and a teen-movie quiz that anyone born before 1980 could ace without a cheat sheet. The amusing "Auditions Montage" catches the actors reciting their catch phrases before landing their roles, and a look back at the cast in actual yearbook photos debunks the myth that all Hollywood starlets were ugly ducklings in high school. (Except, of course, Hilary Swank.)