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Real-Life Actors Who Should Play The Muppets: Part II

It's time to light the lights! Our favorite fuzzy comedians are back with Muppets Most Wanted, and we had so much fun the first time finding celeb lookalikes that we're back for round two! Yaaaaaay! 

Chunk from The Goonies as Bean Bunny

Photos: Walt Disney Pictures & Getty Images

Bean the bunny is probably the most adorable Muppet (sorry, Robin), and Chunk is probably the most obnoxious child actor of yesteryear. Yet they are somehow Doppelgangers. Oh shit, what? 

Ruben Studdard as Bobo the Bear

Photos: Walt Disney Pictures & Getty Images

You remember Ruben Studdard, right? He was the winner of American Idol Season 2 and was labeled "The Velvet Teddy Bear." We're not sure what Bobo is made of but he is a bear... so, NAILED IT!

Paula Deen as Camilla the Chicken

Photos: Walt Disney Pictures & Getty Images

One likes to eat chickens and one is a chicken! Delicious, y'all. Fun fact: Paula Deen was once named Maxim's hottest chef

Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld as Rizzo the Rat 

Photos: Everett Collection

One is a sitcom icon who wears a man bra, and the other is a beloved rat. They're sort of one and the same, right?

Elton John as Scooter

Photos: Walt Disney Pictures & Getty Images

Sorry, Scooter. He just fits the bill.  

The Olsen Twins as The Snowths

Photos: Walt Disney Pictures & Getty Images

The Snowths are the elusive "doo-doo-doo-doo-doo" singing Muppets that we only get to see once in a great while, and the Olsen Twins are an elusive pair of former child stars who never sing... or do anything fun. But they sure do have a lot of "Mahna" ($$$$)!

Zach Braff as Walter

Photos: Everett Collection

Walter is the newest and most thoughtful Muppet, and his brother is Jason Segel. Zach Braff is not any of those things, but don't they look alike?

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