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RZA On The Man With the Iron Fists

Wu-Tang wizard RZA brings the ruckus to the screen with his directorial debut, The Man With the Iron Fists, in theatres now.

Photo: Universal Pictures | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

It’s cutting-edge.
“Years ago a guy told me Rambo has the coolest knife in the world. Then in Mantis Fists and Tiger Claw a character pulled out a knife that fucking spins, and a kid at the theater yells, ‘That’s cooler than Ram­bo’s knife!’ So I had to design a knife for Iron Fists that’s cooler than both of those.”

Quentin Tarantino blessed it.
“I studied under Quentin on Kill Bill, and I was the only one who understood all his kung fu references. That was a sign of the synergy we had. Eli Roth and I had started collaborating on the screenplay years ago, and when I was ready to direct we both asked Quentin to bless our partnership.”

No blunts were harmed during the making of the movie.
“I’m a hip-hop, nighttime guy, but filming is a daytime job, so I knew I had to stay sober and get into bed on time. At home I’m in the studio getting high, living free, the music life. In China I could really focus because none of my peers could just pop up and get me into the ‘music world!’”

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