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Silent House

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
5 out of 10

A creepy house in the middle of nowhere? What could possibly go wrong!

The Pitch: Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) is terrorized by mysterious figures in her family’s lake house.

What It Really Is: A horror film with cool editing and a dumbass story. Silent House is presented as one take, so you never leave Sarah’s side as she navigates the dark old home. It’s claustrophobic and would’ve been consistently terrifying if the story wasn’t so weak. In many ways, Silent House is a stylish and even daring thriller, but it falls apart in execution like most horror movies (and muffins) tend to do.

Cool Homage, Bro: Silent House pays tribute to the Rear Window confrontation scene when Sarah is trapped in a pitch-black room with only a Polaroid camera. If you don’t know what a Polaroid camera is, ask your grandfather. He doesn’t know either, but his rambling explanation is hilarious. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “You’ll scream yourself silent!” -

Who’s It For: Desperate American Horror Story watchers going through withdrawal, former Olsen twin fan club members who need a new heroine

Studio: Elle Driver, Tazora Films

All photos courtesy of Open Road Films