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Star Wars Celebration V: Photos From the Floor

This past weekend, the city of Orlando, Florida played host to Star Wars Celebration V—a massive gathering of Star Wars faithful that, this year, was built around honoring the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. We sent our own Bothan spies down to the Sunshine State to document the Lucasian devotees as they paid tribute to the Star Wars universe in clever, creative, and hilarious ways. Now, be cautious, this place can get a little rough…


Clearly unaware that this event was taking place in Florida. In August.


"Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational show floor directory!"


The entrance hall. Fans included for scale - so, to answer your next question, yes that is officially bad ass.


In an informal fan poll held on the floor, "Young Elvis" [foreground] was clearly more popular than "Old Elvis" [background]


"Say hello to my little friend."


Despite a desperate onslaught, this noble trooper defended his shag carpeting until the bitter end.


"Yeah, she's with me, bro. Back off."


The Jabba "Slave Auction and T-Shirt Stand" was once again a roaring success.


"I can just park this here, right?"


"C'mon...'Hey, want to split a Tauntaun carcass?' What kind of pick up line is that, man? Think next time. Think. "


Not just a great costume, but after three days of 90-degree humidity and homemade costumes, necessary for survival.


The little-seen "TIE Tech Support Bomber" from Return of the Jedi.


"I know, I know. I'm digging in the wrong place."


What? Too literal?

Celebration V was also the setting for the pilot episode of Vader's Kitchen Nightmares


"The bar's this way, right?"


Solo was no good to him dead. But as a coffee table? Perfect.


"Wait, are we related or no?"


"As your agent, I suggest you join the Rebels. More opportunity. But, hey, that's just me."


"At last we will have revenge. And pretzel bites."


"Kent, Lonny? I'd like you to meet Muhammad, Jugdish, Sidney, and...Clatyon."


Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for team spirit


"Look, sir - Mai Tais!"