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7 out of 10
With more white powder than even Al Pacino's nose housed in Scarface, Steep pushes human endurance and achievement to the limit with indescribable eye-popping crazy feats of Big Mountain glory. Trust us. You have never seen anything like it. This documentary, which chronicles the sport of Big Mountain skiing from its inception to now, focuses on those daring guys (along with one adventurous woman) who get themselves to the highest peaks only to let 'er rip and take off in some heart-stopping pole-vaulting ski stunts you won't be able to try at home (unless home happens to be Mount Everest). The visuals on display are simply awesome, so much so you almost wish director Mark Obenhaus didn't cut away to so many talking head interviews. These serve mainly to let a few courageous, if totally nuts, extreme skiers go on about how exhilarated they feel doing backflips off the cliffs. We get it. These dudes are seriously possessed by the snow devil. It would be nice to have more backstory on some of them in order to fully understand what drives them in this potentially deadly sport. Almost just as astounding as the skiers themselves are the cinematographers who somehow managed to flawlessly capture these feats on film. What's harder than going down one of the world's tallest peaks at 100 mph? Doing it with a helicopter hovering precariously above you taking pictures of the whole thing. Like the big wave surfers in Riding Giants, these souls do it for the thrills, giving those in the audience quite a few themselves in what is without a doubt one of the year's most exciting films.