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The "300: Rise of an Empire" Trailer Is Full of Sex, Violence, and Six Packs

The long-awaited sequel to 300 is coming, so steer clear of any giant holes in the ground.


When 300  came out way back in 2006—yeah, it's been seven goddamn years—the story of a small group of tough-as-nails Spartans who took on a massive Persian army became a pop-culture phenomenon. Not since The Matrix had a movie's visual style been so striking and revolutionary. (Heck, the film even spawned a feature-length parody!) Well, all these years later, there's finally going to be a sequel. What could it possibly be about considering everyone died in the first movie, you might ask? Now that King Leonidas and his 299 best buds have met their maker, it falls to Greek general Themistocles (played by Strike Back star Sullivan Stapleton) to battle an invading army of Persians. Since the flick is based on nerd-king Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel, Xerxes, not only do we figure the story will actually be pretty cool, but we also know that the awesomely creepy mortal-turned-god will be a central figure. So check out the newly released trailer, then start working on that six-pack. (You are planning to go to the movie theater shirtless, aren't you?)

300: Rise of an Empire hits theaters March 7, 2014.

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