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The 5 Best Movies You Can Watch In Under A Minute

Want to re-watch Star Wars or Ghostbusters, but only have 60 seconds to spare? We got you.


Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

This video just went up on Saturday, but it already has over half a million views, and for good reason – it’s both awesome and adorable. Awesorable! Some of the dialogue is a little different from what you might remember, but it’s still a far superior script to Attack Of The Clones.


Kill Bill: Parts 1 & 2

We’ve always maintained that Tarantino’s 17-hour kung fu fan-wank flick could easily have been made into a single film – and would, in fact, have benefited from it hugely – and this video proves that, actually, it doesn’t even need to be longer than a minute.


Fight Club

If you still haven’t seen Fight Club, this contains spoilers. Also: Punch yourself in the face (really – that’s kinda how it works). This guy does a pretty good job of condensing David Fincher’s movie into a single minute – almost as good a job as he clearly did at chugging an entire Starbucks in one sitting.



The team that put this fan tribute together gets bonus points for their creative use of special effects, but serious minus points for not having even one black friend to play Winston.


Batman Begins

Alright, so this isn’t the most exciting one visually, but it’s still our favorite. Note to DC comics: You really, really need to get Ra’s Al Ghul to start saying “This city is full of dick-butts” in your books immediately.


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