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Say what you will about their clothes and music, but these people knew how to push the limits of the party experience.

Thornton Melon (<em>Back to School</em>, 1986)- When you're the world's oldest freshman, you have to work a little harder than the rest. Thornton knows that no party is complete until you've donned scuba gear in a hot tub full of coeds.

Andrew Clark (<em>The Breakfast Club</em>, 1985)- Bender may have the bad boy rep, but Clark proves to be the dark horse party champion. A few tokes of weed and this dude can scream loud enough to shatter glass. He's like some kind of rejected Superfriends villain.

McCrosky (<em>Airplane</em>, 1980)- Not even an imminent plane crash can keep McCrosky from glue-sniffing his way to complete annihilation. That's dedication to a good time.

Long Duck Dong (<em>Sixteen Candles</em>, 1984)- "Donger's here for five hours, and he's got somebody. I live here my whole life, and I'm like a disease." Anyone who attends their first American high school party and wakes up laid, undressed, hung over, and sporting a black eye wins.

Ellis (<em>Die Hard</em>, 1988)- Terrorists have taken over your building, shot your boss, and are holding you hostage? By all means, don't let that crimp your plans to snort yourself to bullet-proofness. Unless, you know, someone actually calls your bluff.

Joel (<em>Risky Business</em>, 1983)- Most high school keggers involve stale pretzels and long bathroom lines. They rarely involve an entire stable of prostitutes. Joel—taking the house party to the next level.

Spaulding (<em>Caddyshack</em>, 1980)- He may be fat and useless, but Spaulding attacks a party like a Hoover. He spends his whole evening prowling the floor for unfinished drinks, and caps it all off with a healthy puke through a Porsche sunroof. Well played.

Mercedes Lane (<em>License to Drive</em>, 1988)- Would you be terribly disappointed if you found out your dream girl drank so much she blacked out to the point of being able to sleep through multiple car crashes? Yeah, us neither.

Gary and Wyatt (<em>Weird Science</em>, 1985)- No this is how you party: Computer-created fantasy women, comatose grandparents, bras as headgear, nuclear missiles, and a mutant biker gang. Legendary.

Julian (<em>Less Than Zero</em>, 1987)- Not just the 80s' hardest partier, but a cautionary tale: Live it up, kids, but don't forget that it's a short trip from "life of the party" to "being forced to blow guys for James Spader." And now you know.

The 80's Biggest Party Monsters