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The FP

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
1 out of 10

The Footloose meets Road Warrior movie no one asked for

The Pitch: Two gangs fight for control of their home turf through Dance Dance Revolutions — we’re sorry, “Beat Beat Revolution” — showdowns.

What It Really Is: A futuristic parody of dance movies that’s less a parody than a really shitty You Got Served knock-off. The stupid DDR concept is one that needs a shamelessly goofy script to work, but The FP kinda skips the whole “jokes” part of a spoof movie and just presents dance gang cliches without any remotely funny commentary. Also, it has a worse title than John Carter. Ready-Made Press Blurb: The FP will make you go OMG!”

Who’s It For: Fans of Dance Flick. All five of you.

Studio: Trost Productions