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If airport security, global terrorism and lost luggage haven't done it, here are the top 10 scenes that will put you off air travel for good.

Plane Crash - Alive-

The sudden and tragic crash is made all the more disturbing by the banal events that precede it: The doomed rugby team laugh and joke through the increasingly violent turbulence, totally unaware of what's waiting for them—well, some of them—in the harsh Andes Mountains. 

Plane Crash - Fight Club-

On boring business flights, most guys fantasize about minibars, room service, and that leggy stewardess up in first class. Edward Norton's soul-crushed Everyman sits back—as calm as a Hindu cow—and dreams about a nerve-shredding mid-air collision that tears his plane apart like it was made of balsa wood. 

Plane Crash - Fearless-

Unlike a lot of movie plane crashes—which tend to be sudden, brutal, and then over—Fearless' pivotal tragedy unfolds slowly, in parts, throughout the whole film. The lingering sense of dread and the focus on what people do when they know they're facing death is worse than the crash itself. 

Plane Crash - Final Destination-

Perhaps the only thing worse than suffering through an airline disaster is suffering through it—every excruciating detail of it—before it even happens. Vivid premonitions are disturbing enough, but this particular crash hits extra spine-chilling notes when it's revealed that Death had a copy of the seating chart all along…

Plane Crash - Cast Away-

FedEx guarantees your packages will arrive on time—assuming, of course, they don't plunge out of the sky into a remote part of the ocean mid-flight. Cast Away makes up for the hour and a half of "guy alone on an island" with these few minutes of almost too-realistic airborne horror. 

Plane Crash - The Edge-

A lovely scene of a flock of geese in flight is so serene, so beautiful, so…deadly? A head-on collision with a flock of Canadian honkers is enough to send a rinky seaplane into a nose dive that's bloody and disturbing before the craft even hits the ground.

Plane Crash - Airplane-

They say that any landing you walk away from is a good one, so this one actually went pretty well—assuming you were one of the passengers who survived the food poisoning, the Hare Krishnas, and one of Ted Stryker's war stories.

Plane Crash - Flight of the Phoenix-

Pilots are usually prepared to handle rough weather like electrical storms, fog, or snow…but a raging sandstorm? That adds a whole new wrinkle. Rather than crashing full tilt, the passengers on this flight have to struggle as the violent sand literally pulls the plane apart in mid-air. 


Usually, when terrorists threaten to do something horrible like, say, deliberately crash a plane full of innocent travelers, the hero stops them just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, all beleaguered cop John McClane can do is sit in stunned horror and watch as renegade merc Colonel Stuart fatally proves he's not fucking around. 

Plane Crash - Con Air-

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…even if that means you crash-landed a giant cargo plane in the middle of the strip. Combining the bright lights of Sin City with Jerry Bruckheimer-funded carnage creates an eye-popping spectacle. In fact, it's rumored that Steve Wynn is working on a "Plane Crash" hourly spectacle for his next casino. Eat that, Treasure Island.

The Greatest Movie Plane Crashes