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Their parents are just as good at making beautiful babies as they are at entertaining the masses

Erin Lucas-

Don't pretend like you haven't watched at least one episode of MTV's Hills spin-off, The City. It's worth it just to catch a glimpse of Erin Lucas, who's actually the daughter of AC/DC's longtime bass player Cliff Williams. Consider us thunderstruck!


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Liv Tyler-

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has bestowed many gifts upon the world. And while we owe him big for "Sweet Emotion," we'll never repay the debt that comes along with introducing us to his daughter Liv in that "Crazy" video. Letting your offspring strip to her skivvies and frolic with Alicia Silverstone gets a big thumbs up from all of us.


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Peaches Geldof- Her dad Bob Geldof is best known as a goodwill ambassador (and someone the British press obsesses over, for some reason), but he had a hit in the U.S. ("I Don't Like Mondays") with the Boomtown Rats. We're still waiting for Peaches to do something of note, but hey, at least she's a babe.

Theodora Richards- Alexandra's sister Theodora has adopted more of a rock-chic style, and seems to borrow heavily from her dad's eyeliner collection. (At least she seems content to avoid the headbands, fortunately.) Also a fashion model, Theodora, her sister and Elizabeth Jagger were once photographed for a Tommy Hilfiger campaign. Awright, free jeans!

Bijou Phillips-

John Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas may not have been the best dad when it came to his relationship with eldest daughter Mackenzie, but half-sister Bijou, an actress and singer as well, says "Don't believe the hype." Currently engaged to Danny Masterson, here's hoping she doesn't have a lifetime of "That '70s Wife" jokes in store for her.

Lauren Harris-

Now here's a rock-star daughter who looks and acts the part. Lauren Harris grew up watching her dad unleash a metal storm on rabid fans as the bassist for Iron Maiden, and she's since followed suit, releasing her own album (Calm Before the Storm) and touring metal festivals. She looks like she can hold her own.

Pearl Aday-

Pearl spent nine years as a backup singer in pop Meat Loaf's touring band, and recently has been on the road with Motley Crue. Also adding to her cool quotient (hey, we think Meat Loaf's cool): She's married to former Anthrax guitarist and all-around awesome dude Scott Ian. Well played, Scott.

Calico Cooper-

"Welcome to My Nightmare"? Hardly! Alice Cooper's daughter is a dream come true. This talented dancer and actress spent several years choreographing her father's stage shows. We're certainly happy she kept her head out of the guillotine.

Rosanna Davison-

The daughter of Chris De Burgh (you know, the "Lady in Red" guy) is one of many rock kids with the unfortunate distinction of having a song named after them on one of their parent's records. Luckily, there probably aren't too many people humming "For Rosanna" these days. Or "Lady in Red," for that matter.

Amber Le Bon- Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon gets points for not naming his daughter Rio (letting her dance on the sand is fine, though), and, well, for producing such a hottie with model wife Yasmin Le Bon. Get this - Amber's a model, too! Shocker, right?

Elizabeth Jagger-

The eldest of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall's children four children, Elizabeth followed in her mother's fashion-model footsteps. Sadly, unlike her mother, the green-eyed beauty has yet to appear in a cool Batman flick, but we'll give her props for that role in Igby Goes Down.


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Lily Collins-

The real-life daughter of Phil Collins is currently appearing in The Blind Side, where she plays the fictional daughter of Tim McGraw. Seems like a tough road to go down either way, but Lily has proven herself to be a stylish, graceful and insightful rock-star kid, even covering the 2008 presidential campaign. It was for Nickelodeon, but still...

Daisy Lowe-

We all know Gavin Rossdale has been making babies with Gwen Stefani, but didja know he has a 20-year-old daughter with British singer-songwriter Pearl Lowe? Daisy is already a sought-after fashion model in the U.K., and it's easy to see why. She may have her pops' eyes, but we hope she didn't inherit his singing voice, as well.

Norah Jones-

Was Ravi Shankar really a "rock star"? We can say "guilty by association," since George Harrison seemed to enjoy hanging out with him more so than he did the rest of the Beatles. Ravi's daughter Norah Jones has already shown that she's a talented writer and performer in her well as an absolute knockout.


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Zoe Kravitz-

Zoe could very well be the most rocking thing that Lenny Kravitz has ever produced; credit must also be given to her mom, former Cosby Show wild child Lisa Bonet. An actress who has already shared the screen with Jodie Foster and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Zoe's an aspiring musician as well, fronting the Philadelphia band Elevator Flight.

Lucy Walsh-

Serving as Ashlee Simpson's backup vocalist and appearing as a contestant on MTV's reality show Rock the Cradle may be dubious honors, but as a classically trained pianist, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh's daughter Lucy has proven herself to be a musical force in her own right.

Riley Keough- An honest-to-God blood relative of Elvis Presley? That is awesome. And while we're sure the King may have disapproved of his daughter Lisa Marie's marriages to weirdos like Michael Jackson (yeah yeah, R.I.P.) and Nic Cage, he's no doubt beaming up in heaven while looking down at his lovely granddaughter.

Kimberly Stewart-

A tabloid fixture, Rod Stewart's daughter is best known for her socialite ways and tendency to get her "Daddy's Little Girl" tattoo changed to say things like "Daddy's Little Girl Loves Cisco" (for a boyfriend) and then "Daddy's Little Girl Loves Disco" (when they broke up).


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Alexandra Richards-

As Keith Richards' daughter, we can safely assume one thing: Alexandra can survive a fall from a coconut tree. Other than that, she and sister Theodora (both are Keith's kids with wife Patti Hansen) are well known in New York City as sought-after models. Alexandra has appeared on the cover of a variety of fashion mags.

Brooklyn Sudano- She may be Donna Summer's daughter, but don't call her a privileged kid who doesn't know what it's like to work hard for the money. As an actress, Brooklyn was a cast regular on ABC's My Wife and Kids, and she's currently writing and recording her own music.

The Hottest Daughters of Rock Stars