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Kate Upton, <em>The Three Stooges</em>-

We celebrate the Farrelly Brothers' eye for hot, hilarious actresses.

Watch out Whoopi: Kate Upton is about to upstage your sister act. The cover girl of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition is about to make a splash in her nunsuit.  

Check out her Sports Illustrated cover.

<strong>Sofia Vergara, <em>The Three Stooges</em></strong>-

Who knew slapstick could be so smoldering? (Put your hand down. That wasn't a real question.) This Modern Family star might be just the reason to see the Stooges.

See her gallery.

<strong>Carly Craig, <em>Hall Pass</em></strong>-

The scene-stealing Craig snagged the most unforgettable gag (and, consequently most gag-worthy moment) in the movie when she…snitted? Shneezed? Snooped?...We’re not quite sure how one would define this close relative of a shart, but we know it’s a movie moment that we’ll never forget. Thank you, Carly. She'll no doubt be scoring more laughs with her role in The Three Stooges. By the way: Who isn't in this Stooges movie?

See her gallery.

<strong>Nicky Whelan, <em>Hall Pass</em></strong>-

Playing a waitress in a local coffee shop, Whelan was even hotter than the cups of joe she served, so it's no wonder that she turned up on last year's Hot 100.

Check her out on the 2011 Hot 100 List.

<strong>Malin Akerman, <em>The Heartbreak Kid</em></strong>-

As the dream girl-turned nightmare wife, we got to see Malin Akerman go from crazy hot to just plain crazy. The end result: We remain crazy about our May 2012 cover girl.

See her gallery.
Watch her video.

<strong>Michelle Monaghan, <em>The Heartbreak Kid</em></strong>-

Monaghan's girl-next-door beauty and down-to-earth charms makes us wish "girl next door" was less of an expression and more of a reality. When your actual next-door neighbor is a guy named Leonard and his pet ferret Allen, the girl-next-door dream feels hopelessly out of reach.

See her gallery.

<strong>Eva Mendes, <em>Stuck on You</em></strong>-

We were stuck on Eva then. We're stuck on her now.

See her gallery.

<strong>Wen Yann Shih, <em>Stuck on You</em></strong>-

While Greg Kinnear plays Matt Damon’s other half, as Damon’s pen pal-turned gal pal May Fong, Wen Yann Shih makes a very believable better half.

<strong>Anna Kournikova, <em>Me, Myself, and Irene</em></strong>-

The former tennis pro, music video star, Biggest Loser trainer, and Maxim cover girl also has this Me, Myself, and Irene cameo on her diverse resume. She may be the hottest motel manager ever to grace the silver screen…and when you’ve got that going for you, who cares about dumb tennis trophies.

See her gallery.
Watch her video.

<strong>Cameron Diaz, <em>There's Something About Mary</em></strong>-

We’ll forever remember her encounter with Ben Stiller’s all-natural hair gel. Now, more than a decade later, there’s still something about Mary, as proved by her Maxim cover shoot last year. Crap, just thinking about this movie means “Build Me Up Buttercup” will be stuck in our heads for the rest of the day, possibly week. We wish nothing but the same for you, friends.

See her gallery.

<strong>Vanessa Angel, <em>Kingpin</em></strong>-

An Angel indeed! Kingpin’s queen was the kind of head-turner that could cause all sorts of gutter ball trouble at the bowling alley.

<strong>Lauren Holly, <em>Dumb and Dumber</em></strong>-

Lloyd Christmas may have been one of the dumbest dudes to ever grace cinema, but we can’t complain about his taste in women: No one else pulls off a ski suit with a matching headband quite like Lauren Holly.

The Hottest Stars of Farrelly Brothers Flicks