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The Last House on the Left

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10
Directed by: Dennis Iliadis

The Skinny: Mari Collingwood (Sara Paxton) and her parents (who happen to be grieving over the loss of their son) head up to their lake house for the summer. Once there, Mari borrows the car to visit her townie, pot-smoking friend, Paige. What starts as an innocent night, however, soon spirals out of control when the girls score weed in a motel room that just happens to be occupied by a band of murdering outlaws. One stabbing, one shooting and one brutal rape later, and the rag tag crew find themselves unknowingly at the Collingwood's house, seeking shelter from a summer storm. Upon discovering just what in fact they people did to their daughter, it's up to this mild-mannered family to seek revenge.

The Good: While The Last House On The Left doesn't reinvent the wheel, and feels a lot like most horror movies these days, it does twist into a pretty satisfying revenge flick, and audiences will find themselves maliciously screaming in delight as the Collingwood family enacts their brutal revenge upon the criminals. The final scene, in particular, is deliciously demented.

The Bad: Wes Craven's 1972 original was noted for its low budget production values and twisted realism, shocking audiences with its graphic depiction of the crimes and events. This revamped remake, however, feels a bit too slick and polished, and thus it comes off more as a fun thrill than a truly warped horror film.

Why does Paige seem so familiar?: That's because she's played by Martha MacIsaac, Michael Cera's crush from Superbad.

Theater, DVD, or TNT in Five Years? Head to the theater if you're looking for something suspenseful and a tad spooky this Friday the 13th.