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The Pink Panther

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
4 out of 10
Guaranteed to further set back American relations with France, this pale remake of the 1964 Peter Sellers favorite has been gestating on a studio shelf for over a year. (And it should have stayed there.) At least the original had the genius of Sellers, and although Steve Martin and his patented dopey antics would seem to be an inspired casting decision, he fumbles the ball. In between the usual slapstick bits (mostly people running into things), Martin endlessly mangles the French language to no avail—or laughs. The incredibly thin story centers around the murder of France's soccer coach and the theft of his famous Pink Panther diamond. Between aiming for the family crowd and hiding a ton of double entendres, this comic retread is harmless enough, but only its clever animated title sequence accompanied by the updated jazz theme is really worth the bother.