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Wisdom From Geek Gods

Stan Lee on Cameos
I’m a big ham, and I love being in the Marvel movies, and I think a lot of the fans get a kick out of spotting me here and there. I was heartbroken about not being in the Wolverine movie. But my favorite was Spider-Man 3 when director Sam Raimi asked me to say to Peter Parker a line I’ve said in comics for years: “Sometimes one man can make a dif­ference. ’Nuff said.” That was terrific. But I don’t think I can match the record of Hitchcock. I was watching The Lady Vanishes the other day because I wanted to see how the son of a gun did it, and he had not one but two cameos in the same movie! So I’ve got to try and top Hitchcock now. I’m going to try for three.

Lou Ferrigno on CGI
When I heard about Ang Lee’s Hulk, I wanted to reprise the role, but apparently they wanted to do CGI. So basically they spent $175 million where they could have spent maybe a tenth of that, used me, and made way more money. There’s no comparison between the CGI Hulk and the human Hulk. The big difference? No feelings. The original Hulk, it shows feelings. It was human. The CGI Hulk still looks rubbery, not real. I hear they’re doing another CGI Hulk for The Avengers. Once again, they’re going to be spending millions of dollars they don’t have to spend. They just don’t get it yet. It’s Universal, they’re idiots.

Star Trek Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci on Nerding Up.
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