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50 Cent Doesn’t Want You to Masturbate

Really - he unveiled his anti-self-pleasuring plan via Twitter last night.


Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, knows a thing or two about da club, headphones, water that contains vitamins, and masturbation - specifically with the latter, the pre-emptive steps to in order to avoid it. Yup, the guy who has a whole song dedicated to licking his lollipop now thinks jerking off is a sin, and he’s outlined a simple, four-step plan to help you stop. And even though this plan is free (unlike all those other things Fiddy knows about), we still can’t bring ourselves to endorse it (especially step 4). We’ll let you arrive at your own conclusions. See below - and good luck!


rapper; 50 cent; curtis; jackson; masturbation; rules

Photo by Lionel Deluy/ UMG


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