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50 Cent Exclusive: "I'm The Reason Why Eminem Got Fat"

sized_50_max.jpgDuring a video interview with yesterday, rapper 50 Cent revealed that his fearsome hoops skills are to blame for Em’s widely reported plump period. “You know why he got fat? ’Cause of me,” Fiddy crowed during a chat about his brand-new video game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

“It’s because of my crossover. I’m taking him to the hole, you know what I’m saying? He hurt his knee, and then he had to chill. He couldn’t run around as much. And then he gained weight. But people don’t know that.... That’s really how it happened.”
Fiddy reported that Em is over his weight woes, which reportedly dated to late 2007: “Yeah, he back in shape. He lookin’ good. He thinks he’s gonna get the girls. I tell him, ‘I get the girls, B. You, get in the house!’” In reality, 50 is being more deferential to his buddy/benefactor Em. He revealed
in another interview
that he won’t release his repeatedly delayed album Before I Self Destruct until Eminem puts out his next disc, tentatively titled Relapse.