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Andrew W.K. Shocks David Blaine...WITH ROCK

Yes, Andrew W.K. played a keyboard that electrocuted David Blaine. That really happened.

Last night at Pier 54 in Manhattan a fever dream came to life. Andrew W.K. played a keyboard which, in turn, sent a million volts of electricity through David Blaine. After we heard that we picked our brain off the floor and found out this is a part of David Blaine's new stunt-Electrified. The magician(?) is standing atop a 20 foot platform for three days surrounded by Nikola Tesla's futuristic wet dream while wearing a weird metal suit to protect him from getting fried (and also shark attacks).

If, for some reason, that's not enough for you, don't fret. Everyone's favorite party-enthusiast Andrew W.K. showed up with his keyboard which was connected to the electricity by something (we presume science). Dubs proceeded to whip a lightning storm with his anthemic jams, while Blaine sleepily nodded along. Even a little rain (which combined with that much electricity sounds just a little dangerous) couldn't slow down the fun. The best part? Before this, these two dudes had never met.

Andrew W.K. described it as the “party-est thing I’ve ever done,” which, if you are familiar with the guy’s work, you know means a hell of a lot.

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