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These guys have the mug shrubs you've wished you could grow since puberty. 

4. Willie Nelson- Willie has sported his man mask since before we were drunken twinkles in our parents' eyes. If you were to comb it out, you would find enough loose weed to keep Colorado blazed for a solid month.

3. Rick Rubin- It's remarkable to think that a guy who's made enough money producing albums that he could buy a small country has one of the most epic homeless guy beards ever seen. The streaks are a really nice touch.

2. Brent Hinds from Mastodon- Facial hair should never be braided or dyed (you get a pass, Scott Ian, but don't overdo it), but it seems like every crap nu-metal band leans toward wacky styling. Brent gets credit for keeping it real and letting his ginger bush do its thing.

Winner: Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top- Try to tell a beard joke without mentioning ZZ Top. Go ahead, we'll wait. See, you can't do it. These two rockers have become synonymous with facial hair of all kinds, pissing off girlfriends and shaver companies since the late '60s.

Best Beards in Music