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Cookin' with The Roots

On Saturday, The Roots celebrated their 2nd annual "Roots Picnic" festival in their hometown of Philadelphia. We were invited to eat, drink, and be musical. This year's Roots invitational found perfect weather, new guests, and plenty of hot cuts from the grill.

3:02 PM: What kind of picnic has security guards with happy hands? No outside food and beverages permitted. Looks like we're chugging the two free Red Bulls we scored outside.

4:28 PM: Antibalas brings the Afro Funk down from Brooklyn to get the tribal vibes flowing. These guys would have jammed all day if there weren't more special guests to come.

5:31 PM:

Over at the inside stage, Bus Driver blew the roof off the tent with hyper-ska rat-tat-tats backed by a duo armed with some gear, gadgets and i-Book. Extra credit to Bus Driver for his St. Joe's Prep beanie.

5:42 PM:

Santigold is flanked by two backup singing "goldtresses" and she's wearing the most amazing winged shoes. This set is climbing to cruising altitude. Check out "We Go Hard." If there were a Lady Santi' cocktail it would be two parts Winehouse, one part MIA, and splash of... GOLD.


6:02 PM: A member of The Roots family has been painting this portrait of ?uestlove all day.


6:42 PM:

Akron, Ohio's The Black Keys are representing summer flannel at the picnic. Time to go EAT more of the free delicious snacks in the media tent, aka my new favorite all you can eat bar.


7:15 PM: Ever the good host, ?uestlove gives some autograph love.

7:25 PM: Digestion break. Fighting off a food coma with Philadelphia's best lager. Can't resist the offering of squirts of Hand Sanitizer for Tips. Hey kid, here's a tip... offer two squirts.


8:05 PM: Bringing Flava to the picnic, Public Enemy kicks off the evening set, with back up from Black Thought, ?uestlove and entire Roots band. The S1Ws dance and seem really excited about the new GI Joe Movie.


8:18 PM: Flavor Flav gets the entire crowd to scream "FLAVA FLAV!!" in unison. Flava of Brotherly Love!

10:01 PM: TV on the Radio serenade a full moon over Penn's Landing. Transmission signal RECEIVED.

10:02 PM: Wondering if anyone else is wondering if Kyp Malone looks more like Jerry Garcia or MR. OWL from the old Tootsie Roll commercial.

Jaleel Bunton of TV on the Radio keeps the beat moving...

11:11 PM:

The Roots bring it all home on a perfect Summer night in Philly. No leftovers. Spent. See you at the picnic next year.

( Jaleel Bunton, Black Thought, ?uestlove and Captain Kirk Douglas photos courtesy of Inna Spivakova @ )