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Dear Superstar: Bret Michaels

sized2_bret_pam.jpgPoison frontman and Rock of Love Bus star Bret Michaels had so much to say during our recent Dear Superstar interview (in the March issue of Blender) that we couldn’t fit it all in the pages of the magazine! Here are some more of his very revealing answers to reader questions.

When are Poison coming out with a new album of original material?


BRET MICHAELS: On our last studio album [2007’s Poison’d!], we had Done Was, one of the greatest producers ever, and I was really upset that we were using him for a covers album. I gave 150 percent, but I was like, “Guys, we fuckin’ write music. Isn’t that what we got into this for in the first place for?” I would like to do a new album with Poison—but we’d have to do new material. I live to write and produce new stuff. I will never do another cover song with Poison.

Aside from the contestant’s boobs, what’s the fakest thing about Rock of Love?

BM: How much the girls tell me they like me, how much they say they like the competitions I put ’em through, and the hair extensions—including mine.

You’re pals with Charlie Sheen. Who tips hookers better?