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Flight of the Conchords: A Tribute

Fans of HBO’s kooky Flight of the Conchords are well aware that the musical sort-of-sitcom films primarily in New York City. Election Day afternoon, I was out for a pre-anxiety stroll, and—lo and behold—there were the Conchords themselves, New Zealanders Jemaine and Bret breaking for lunch after shooting all morning in lovely Fort Greene Park.
The digi-folk duo is obviously gearing up for their show’s second season, scheduled to begin airing in January. Aside from the ridiculously skimpy running shorts Jemaine was wearing, though, I didn’t catch a glimpse of anything particularly telling about upcoming episodes.
So, in lieu of new information and in anticipation of the show’s return, I decided to compile a list of the best Flight of the Conchords covers by fans on YouTube. That proved incredibly difficult, so I decided to switch to worst FotC covers. But that just seemed mean—and was way too easy. Therefore, I present the Top 6 Most Earnest Flight of the Conchords covers.

#6. This guy's delivery is so stylized that you can barely make out the words—which is a shame since it's, ya know, a comedy song.

#5. Nice work on the solarizing effect, fellas! Way to flip iMovie.