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Maxim's World Premiere of Kaptn's New Video for "Ricky Ricardo"

We don't know who the hell this guy is, but his new song is pretty damn catchy.


Meet Kaptn, the self-proclaimed "White Tyrese," who recently inked a record deal with Island Def Jam Records. Though the single doesn't hit iTunes until July 2nd, we've got an exclusive preview of the video for "Ricky Ricardo," above.

Here's what we know about Kaptn so far: MTV describes him as "a little Macklemore, a little Far East Movement," which seems quite accurate. He doesn't appear to take himself too seriously—which is pretty much mandatory for a person who calls himself the White Tyrese, so that's good. Maxim's Hot 100 winner Miley Cyrus is apparently a big fan. And based on his new video for "Ricky Ricardo," he's into dancing with scantily clad models, so we have at least one thing in common.

Check out the video above - in approximately one week, every DJ in America is going to be bumping this track on repeat, so you better get used to it.

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