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Pete Wentz Reveals the Secrets Behind the Absurdist Online Game "Fall Out Boy Trail"


Ever-enterprising emo heroes Fall Out Boy have introduced one of the Internet’s most entertaining music-related time sucks in recent memory: an online game called Fall Out Boy Trail, modeled after the 1970s computer classic Oregon Trail. In FOB’s appropriately retro-looking take, you help the foursome survive a cross-country tour—make sure to load up on Vitamin Water and McNuggets!—in a van tugged by a team of oxen. Avoid surf zombies and death by sadness and you may well complete the perilous trek; finish by March 24 and you could even win real-world FOB concert tickets. We interviewed bassist Pete Wentz by email to get the skinny on the band’s kooky digital endeavor:

BLENDER: Fallout Boy Oregon Trail is pretty damn crazy. Where did you come up with the concept?

PETE WENTZ: This was another one of those late-night, “Let’s play a show in Antarctica!” ideas. I usually get them in my sleep. But I think I got this one watching <i>Weekend at Bernie’s II.  

B: Were booze and bong hits involved at all?

PW: Not really. I have weird lucid dreams where I’m half-awake, and I’ll tell my wife [Ashley Simpson-Wentz] something. And later she’ll be like, “What did you mean ‘We are going on the Oregon Trail?’”

B: In the game, you have to choose whom to party with after a show. But you can’t kick it with Barack Obama until you answer three political questions right. Was it important for you to add an educational aspect to the game?

PW: Kind of. I always thought it was sneaky how in Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego? and Oregon Trail, you were learning things as you went. So we’re playing to that in a kind of funny way. But I’ll be honest—the question about locating Iraq on an unmarked map? It’s a lot harder to find than you’d think, us being at war with them and all.
B: Any plans of releasing a videogame for a console?

PW: Not right now. But nothing is safe after us releasing Fall Out Boy Trail, talking FOB dolls and a poster signed in our own blood.

B: There are tons of people online trying to figure out the best way to beat the game. What are some of your strategies? 

PW: I was a kid who liked to figure out the codes. Good thing I knew a bunch of them going in.

B: Besides this game, what else are you guys playing right now?

PW: Joe’s playing point-and-click adventure games, and Andy’s playing Call of Duty, I think.

B: How would your dream game room be set up?

PW: Like Ricky from Silver Spoons place. I mean, that kid had a train going through his living room!