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The App Review - FullBlast

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9 out of 10

Making your music library play nice.


The Pitch: You bought the largest capacity iPhone or iPad to store your massive music collection in one place, but if you don’t have the proper equipment, the only way you’ll be listening to that collection is via headphones. With FullBlast, you can beam those tunes to almost any device on your home network.

What It Really Is: The best way to pump your own tunes into the video games you play on Xbox or PS3. Yes, we know that some of you are purists when it comes to experiencing a game as it was originally intended, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some of your own playlists during monster multiplayer sessions of Madden or Call of Duty. FullBlast doesn’t just let you access your iPod’s music on a multitude of devices, it circumvents the need to open that device’s music controls, because you can change songs directly from within the app. That means that if you’re too lazy or engrossed to make a playlist on the fly, you can still control how your music library shuffles along and lets you quickly skip over “Endless Love” because you know it makes you teary eyed, and that’s not gonna fly with a stone-cold sniper like you. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We only had to buy ‘Gangnam Style’ once but we can listen to it in every room of our house thanks to FullBlast.”

Fun Fact: FullBlast’s developer, Plutinosoft, also created last year’s AirMusic, which offered up the same functionality but without the in-app music controls, making FullBlast a far superior iteration. Unfortunately, buyers of AirMusic were not upgraded to FullBlast for free. Aren’t you glad you have us to prevent you from making costly mistakes like that?

Who’s It For: If or Sony’s music store aren’t cutting it for you on your console, FullBlast is the easiest way to get your favorite music into your living room and onto your games. However, the technology isn’t limited to video game consoles and will work with any DLNA device, so streaming your iPod directly to your TV or home theater system are also very real, very awesome possibilities from an app that costs just $1.99.

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