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The Return of Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future's twisted frontman is back with a new video and album. Be afraid.

It's been a banner year for SoCal's Odd Future collective, what with the group's soul savant Frank Ocean dominating both critics' "best-of" lists and the Grammy Awards. But if you thought Ocean's confessional R&B signaled a softening of Odd Future's aesthetic, think again. Gravel-voiced ringleader Tyler, the Creator – one of Ocean's "dates" for the Grammys — just dropped a new video, and announced that his next LP, Wolf, will be out April 2. While the new clip for "Domo 23" (below) eschews Tyler's predilection for graphic violent imagery (think: rape, murder, rape and murder) it's still plenty bizarre, name-checking Jada Pinkett, One Direction, and David Beckham, and "smoking sherm" with Justin Bieber.  The video starts out in some back-alley wrestling venue, with a blonde-dreaded Tyler taking the ring, and Off Future lyrical wizard Earl Sweatshirt acting as referee, before abruptly shifting to some strange, sun-dappled romantic interlude. So…is Tyler getting soft? I wouldn't count on it.

In addition to the new album, Tyler announced a tour of Europe and North America next month, has a clothing line (Golf Wang) launching, and the second season of Odd Future's "Loiter Squad" on Adult Swim on March 10. Dude's going to have a helluva busy Spring.

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