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Travis McCoy Sounds Off

gch.gifWe caught up with Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy, the latest music luminary to join MTV's Staying Alive initiative, to talk the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness, groupies and Kate Perry's hotness.

How does it feel to join the ranks of JT, Beyonce, and Diddy in this effort to spread AIDS/HIV awareness?

I couldn't be more excited. When Staying Alive asked me to help out there was no questions about it.

How did MTV/Staying Alive approach you?
Well, i did some red carpet interviewing for staying alive at the Ema's. It went really well. I did my homework beforehand and i think they were impressed with how things went.

Was there a vetting process for you to become Ambassador?
Not at all, they told me what it entailed and I was in. I think it makes sense for a young man in my position to step up and use the attention I've got to speak on something as serious as the HIV and AIDS crisis.

What kind of engagements/activities are being lined up for you to promote HIV/AIDS awareness?
Aside from me informing our fans about websites they can visit and promoting safe sex, which is something I'd do regardless of my affiliation with Staying Alive, were planning a trip to Africa as well as a small documentary. Also I'm going to have the opportunity to meet young people that have started their own efforts to make people aware, which I'm really excited for.

What are you going to be doing on 12/1, World AIDS Day?
Lots of press.

In the official press release announcing your involvement with Staying Alive, you mentioned that you were "that young naive boy, running around, not caring..." Have you noticed with your touring peers/other bands a recklessness, or do they seem to be wise to the threats of HIV/AIDS?
I think it's something that doesn't get brought up enough, if at all. It's kind of sad but hopefully my involvement will change that.

It seems fitting that you're an Ambassador, seeing as how you're from Geneva (NY). Have you ever been to Geneva Switzerland?
Not yet, hahaha, but if I had a penny for every time I was asked if I was from Switzerland…you know where I'm going with this.

What's the best thing, besides Gym Class Heroes, to come out of Geneva, NY?Lauren Holley, I guess! Actually the was a band in the 60's called Wilmer and The Dukes that were kind of big and are said to have influenced a lot of pop acts during their time.

What town that you've been to has the most dedicated/craziest groupies?
Chicago. A lot of people think we're from Chicago or L.A. or some reason.

You're about to go on tour with Lil Wayne and T-Pain, how did you all get hooked up?
Booking agents, ha! I couldn't be more excited. We have a lot to prove on this tour, we're going to be in the company of kings. We have so much respect for Wayne and Pain.

Blender just named Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III the best album of 2008 - what are your favorites from 2008?
I'd have to agree with Tha Carter III. I also had a lot of fun with Ne-Yo's record. Slipknot. Gym Class Heroes, hmmm, H20's record is one of my favorites as well.

You are pretty active on your blog - what are some of your favorite websites?, which is kind of the hood version of perezhilton.

What is one album in your collection that your fans would be surprised to learn you have/dig?
Teena Marie, Naked To The World

Last Question: How beautiful is Katy Perry?
In the immortal words of the ever so underrated Keith Murray, she's the "MOST BEAUTIFULLEST THING IN THE WORLD" and "It's JUST LIKE THAT."