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Nike Makes BTTF2 Shoes. Still No Hoverboard.

There were many things in Back To The Future 2 that we still want now - Hoverboards; giant, 3D holographic sharks; the idea that as old men, we can go back in time and call our younger selves a butthead. Significantly lower on the list? Self-lacing shoes: 

Still, that's apparently what we're going to be getting, judging by this patent from last year, tonight's appearance of Michael J. Fox on Letterman and this admittedly sweet-ass teaser commercial:

Now, don't get us wrong: we love exciting and somewhat pointless new technology, as we've shown fairly consistently in the past. We love nostalgia. And we're kinda into shoes. But scientists, if you're going to put time and money and research and effort and, you know, other science-y stuff (slide rules? Are they a thing?) into something we can strap onto our feet, next time, please make sure whatever it is also flies. Or at least hovers.