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No Longer Lost: Where To Find Emilie de Ravin Next

After the epic plane crash that opened Lost, the survivors of Oceanic Airlines flight 815 fought, screwed, bonded then disappointed millions of loyal fans who thought the show would ultimately have a point. (The short version: Weird shit happened and they all went to heaven together. The end.) The post-Lost careers of the cast has been all over the place. Daniel Dae Kim and Terry O'Quinn are tearing things up on the updated Hawaii Five-O, while Matthew Fox spends his time allegedly punching Cleveland bus drivers in the vagina.

Thankfully, Emilie de Raven's career has been on the upswing. According to, the sexy Aussie actress will appear on the ABC fantasy series Once Upon A Time playing Belle from Beauty and the Beast. There's no word on who’ll be playing the Beast yet, but we have the perfect actor in mind if the Beast has lots of stupid tattoos and enjoys punching people in the vagina.