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One On One With Dwyane Wade

We met NBA superstar Dwyane Wade at NYC’s Chelsea Piers to talk about his new sneaker product, Court Grip, and to find out who he’s most looking forward to posterizing this season (if there is one.)

Let’s start with the lockout. Is this a situation where you’re like, “Fuck it, I could use a year off?”
I mean a year off? No, I mean a little time off is always good but a year? That might be too much.

If there is a season, who are you most looking forward to dunking on?
Mark Cuban! If I could have my choice of who to dunk on, it’d be Mark Cuban.

Can’t imagine why. What’s your favorite toy you’ve bought with your NBA millions?
I’m gonna go ahead and say my Ferrari. I have a 458. When it starts up—vroom vroom!—and you pull off and it’s VROOM! I love it.

And you always drive the speed limit, right?
Yeah I’m not crazy. I love my life. I’d like to keep living it.


So this Court Grip stuff, it’s legit?
It’s the real deal, man. I really believe that it’s game changing. I’ve been looking in the market for a long time for something to help me out. A lot of these courts are bad, dirty—there’s too much slipping. You need traction and grip. I helped develop this product and started using it last year secretly. I’m tied of spitting on the hand, wiping on the shoe, all those things. You just rub it on the soles of your sneakers and it gives you incredible traction and grip.

For some readers, there’s some grip involved with the Maxim experience…
That is very true.

Do you recommend it for those applications?
Sure! It is recommended for the Maxim readers. “Used in every grip”—that’s the tagline.

See Dwade put Court Grip to the test on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.