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Floyd Mayweather extends his record to 44-0, makes $32 mil in the process.

A jail term and a year away from the ring couldn't slow down the world's best pound-for-pound fighter.

Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

With his father Floyd, Sr., in his corner for the first time in 13 years, Mayweather relied on defense, and out-classed Guerrero, who hadn't lost in eight years. "I needed my father tonight," said Mayweather after the fight. "My defense was on point and he told me to stick with my defense and that the less you get hit the longer you last."

At 36, and the reigning highest paid athlete in all of sports according to both Forbes and Sports Illustrated, Mayweather is already planning his exit strategy. "I've got five more bouts," he said, "then I'm calling it quits." Running the table on those fights would leave him at 49-0, equaling the undefeated career record of Rocky Marciano. And if he keeps getting paid like he did this weekend, he'll also be $150 million or so richer. Despite hurting his hand in the eighth round – which prevented him from giving the crowd the knockout they were looking for -  Mayweather plans to fight again in September on Showtime (which is re-airing the Guerrero fight this Saturday.)

So, how dominant is Mayweather at this point in his career? Just look at the evidence:

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