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US Wins UK Cheese Rolling Race, Rubs Salt In Revolutionary War Wounds

These colors don't run, unless it's down a hill after some cheese.


When it comes to performing idiotic and dangerous feats in hopes of winning free food, America is the undisputed world leader. It’s how we express our liberty. Never was this more apparent than on Memorial Day, when 27-year-old patriot Kenny Rackers of Colorado Springs competed in England’s storied Gloucestershire Cheese-Rolling Race and scored an enormous win for the US of A.


The race features dozens of scrappy men tumbling 200 yards down a towering hill in pursuit of a giant wheel of cheese that can reach speeds of up to 70mph (approx. ₤112 kilowankers). First man to the bottom of the hill wins both the cheese and the race, and this year that man just so happened to be Rackers, who was competing in a breathtaking spandex Old Glory onesie.

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