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Our Favorite Gay Star Trek Actors

Zachary Quinto, who took over for Leonard Nimoy as the logical Mr. Spock in 2009's Star Trek reboot, recently identified himself as a gay man. But he isn't the first actor from the Star Trek universe to go where some men have gone before.

George Takai
The O.G. Mr. Sulu (Harold and Kumar's John Cho plays the Enterprise's helmsman in the current films) is out, proud, and has one of the most insightful and hilarious feeds in the entire Twittersphere: @GeorgeTakei.

Merritt Butrick
Merritt, who sadly passed away in 1989, played Kirk's ill-fated son Davis Marcus in the second and third Star Trek films. Previously, he starred opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in the '80s relic Square Pegs, aka Sex and the High School.

Jim Parsons
OK, so maybe he's from The Big Bang Theory, not Star Trek. But the guy's won two Emmys in a row for his portrayal of ubergeek Sheldon Cooper, one of the universe's biggest Trekkies. Quick game of "Rocks, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" anyone?

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