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5 Awesome Celeb Rides

We perused our past profiles of horsepower-lovin' celebs to bring you five very cool vehicles that make us extra jealous of their owners' fortune and fame. 


5. KEVIN DILLON'S rebuilt version of James Dean's Porsche Spyder.

You just rebuilt James Dean's classic Porsche Spyder. Out of all the iconic cars in the world, why did you choose that one?
I'm not a psychotic James Dean fan or anything, but he was a great actor, and I love that car. It has all these great details--the red leather seats, the LITTLE BASTARD stenciled on the back. Driving it is like being on a motorcycle.

Have you always been into sports cars?
Always. I've had a bunch of muscle cars. My real baby is my '69 Firebird. That car is pretty.

As a teenager, what did you drive?
I did everything on a bike. I had a little 50 cc Honda street bike, then a KZ550, then a Ninja 1000, then a lowrider Harley. My brother Paul let me drive his Audi Fox, but I banged it up. Man, I destroyed that car.

What happened?
I wasn't paying attention, the roads were wet, and I crashed it. He was not happy.

Any other accidents?
I've gone down on my bikes a few times, but it's never been too nasty--I just scraped up my arms and stuff. Thank God I never made contact with a car, but I've had the tires slide out from me. That's no fun. It takes a couple of good accidents to get you driving a little safer.

What's the coolest car you've driven on Entourage?

I love that old Lincoln convertible with the suicide doors. I also got a huge kick out of driving the Aston Martin DB9 because it's so fast.

What's your personal speed record?
I'm not a speed demon, but I'd say 130 mph.

Have you ever used your celebrity to get out of a ticket?
All the time. Back in the day I did a few episodes of NYPD Blue, and cops loved that show. They'd freak out. "You're that dude from NYPD Blue!"

Any tips on having sex in a car?
Get a convertible. It's much easier.



4. TOMMY LEE's custom-built motorcycle

That's a long-ass motorcycle. If people didn't know better, they might think you were compensating for something.
Ha-ha. Yeah, the bike is a little more than 12 feet long, and it's got the longest front end I've ever seen. It's out there. It's nearly impossible to make a U-turn.

What's the story behind it?
I had it custom-made about four years ago. I wanted a sort of road-warrior bike. It's all matte black--no fancy graphics, just a dirty-ass, barhopping rat bike. It looks like death, but I love cruising on it. There's no radio. Just you and the road.

No radio must be tough given all the submissions you had to listen to for your new Methods of Mayhem album.
For months I'd get up at 9 a.m. and listen to demos until 2 or 3 a.m. We put the raw tracks up online and had fans remix different parts. We had about 10,000 submissions. I wanted to make a record with the whole world. It was a cool, cool experience.

Have you always been interested in motorcycles?
Yes. I got my first Harley in '82 and stared at it all day. There's just something about bikes: You have your girl on the back, and she's digging the vibrations and holding on for dear life. There's nothing better.




3. ALFONSO SORIANO's Rolls Royce

Is the Rolls your daily driver?
Yep, I drive it every day we're at home during the summer. I also have a Bentley Flying Spur and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage--I love the finishes on British cars!

What was your first car?
A 1984 Honda Accord. I loved it. There was no way I thought I'd ever drive a Rolls.

What's your favorite thing about the Rolls? Did you make any mods to it?

I love the umbrella hidden in the door. I had the interior of the trunk done up so it shows my initials and my number--12. And I like the look of big rims, so I put 24-inch wheels on the car. 

Chicago's filled with potholes, though!
Yeah. Chicago streets aren't very 24-inch friendly. I've learned to fifind routes that are less brutal!

What are some of your favorites?
I love driving to Wrigley via Lake Shore Drive--you just can't beat the Lake Michigan view.

Do you ever give any of your fellow Cubbies rides to Wrigley?
Nope. But [third baseman] Aramis Ramirez is a car fiend, too. We look at all the magazines, get on the Web sites, and talk about the new stuff.

Ever let him or the other players drive your cars?
Never! Nobody drives my cars but me.

You've played in New York, Dallas, D.C., and Chicago. What city has the worst drivers?
No doubt New York! Being at Yankee Stadium is awesome,but driving around it sucks. There are so many cars, horns honking, nobody's using turn signals…Everyone's in a rush!


2. DAX SHEPARD's Class 1 Baja bug

We knew you were into cars and bikes, but...
I'm into anything that produces horsepower. If lawn-mower racing was in my town, I'd be in!

How did you get started?
I'm eternally the kid from Detroit. Back in the '80s my mom worked at the GM proving grounds, and I got to take a ride ?with Ricky Johnson, this legendary racer, in an off-road trophy truck. I've been obsessed ever since. I just finally got this Class 1 Baja bug.   

And you wanna race this thing seriously?
My dream is to race it in the Baja 1000 in Mexico. Some dudes iron-man it, which is what I would do, driving the entire thing by myself. Poop your pants, throw up in your helmet, sleep while you're driving…I don't know if I'm physically capable of it, but that's my dream.

Has spending so much time in the garage ever affected your relationships?
Well, Kristen [Bell, his fiancée] has been great about my being a gearhead. For one, she's not super interested in it, ?so she doesn't realize what's really going on here. When I'd just finished fixing my '67 Lincoln Continental, she said, "You just spent a year and a half to make it sound like it's gonna break." I'm like, "Honey, that's a huge cam--that sound is awesome."

Is she a backseat driver?
No, she's a great passenger. Last year we went on the Nürburgring in Germany in a 911. We had a layover in Frank?furt, so we rented a Porsche from Avis and traveled 120 miles and drove the ring all day. She ran the Flip cam. She wasn't the least bit scared, even at 180 mph.

So you want to ?take the path of Paul Newman, say, and become a legit racer?
I'm trying to be Steve McQueen without lung cancer. That's the end goal.



1. JIMMIE JOHNSON's '67 Chevy Camaro

So what does the world's best driver steer during the off-season?
It's a '67 Chevrolet Camaro--I think. Or a 1968. There's a debate. Some true Camaro guys see it and say, "No, you've got it wrong. It's a 1968." Others disagree. I don't have a clue.

You do know where the engine came from, though.
Yeah, it's got a story. In 2004 we had a team plane go down and lost 10 friends and family members. One of them was Randy Dorton, who ran our engine department. The shop built an engine in memory of him and auctioned it off. I won, and built the car around it.

How much power does it put out?
It's a stock-car engine, capable of turning 10,000 rpm. It does 850-plus horsepower.

How long did it take to put together?
Um, four times longer than it should, as anyone working on a custom car knows. It's like wine. You just gotta let a half-done project sit and age.

Ever been pulled over?
No, I've been pretty fortunate on that front. But were there moments when I should have been? Without a doubt. Driving from Southern California to Vegas for races, there's a long stretch of desert. I like to have fun out there.

Is it true that you get carsick?
I've had that problem since I was a kid. Any winding roads, the teacups at the fair, roller coasters…At a certain point I turn white and get sick to my stomach. New York City cabs are really the worst things in the world for me. But If I'm behind the wheel, I'm fine.

Of all the places you've done burnouts, where was your favorite?

I did a burnout on Rodeo Drive in Beverly HIlls once. Weeks later I drove down the street and saw my mark was still there. Proud moment!