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The daughter of former New York Jet Mark Gastineau is following in her father’s footsteps. (Mostly by knocking men on their asses.)

Home Base: New York

Celluloid credibility: At 20, Brittny has already shot a European L’Oréal ad campaign and is entertaining numerous modeling offers.

STUFF: Before you were a model, you attended the University of Alabama. Joe Namath also went there. Was that where he honed his partying skills?
BRITTNY: It’s all about football and parties there. We just know how to have fun.

Prove it.
I was at Ole Miss drinking bourbon in the sun [during a concert] and ended up getting so drunk that I tried to jump up and dance onstage. Well, I fell and broke my nose. There was blood everywhere, but I was fine. I got up and went to the hospital, but I was still ready to roll.

Wow. Guess it’s not a party unless you’ve left a pint of blood onstage. We’ve heard that you’ve been seen around New York City with Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey.
[Laughs] I knew that was coming! Shockey is…Shockey’s a great guy. He’s a lot of fun and is a good old boy from Oklahoma. The first time we went out, we went to Hogs and Heifers. I had a fake ID, and the guy [at the door] looks at my ID and says, “Come back when you have a real one.” That was so embarrassing.

Despite your dad, you’re a Giants fan. Is that because of Jeremy?
I have friends on the Giants, so I’m going to root more for the Giants right now. We have Eli Manning now, which is a major plus, and hopefully we’ll do really well.

Have you ever thought about ditching modeling to become a sportscaster?
That’s actually what I want to do. Lisa Guerrero better watch out.

So, what is it that a dashing young quarterback has that we don’t?
It goes back to high school. It’s every little girl’s fairy tale: The popular cheerleader goes out with the handsome quarterback.

True. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some bonbons and a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days DVD waiting for us at home.

Brittny Gastineau

Brittny Gastineau