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Carmelo Anthony's Hot Wheels


Junkyard King
“I love American cars like this ’64 Lincoln Continental. I have six old ones. I keep my eyes open. I was driving home one day here in Denver, and I saw this great 1976 Cadillac Seville for sale, single owner. I made the call right there. I don’t think the seller knew it was me buying it.”

“Cars like this need plenty of work, and I love to restore or rebuild them. Redo the interiors, give them a fresh coat of paint, and do a lot of engine work. It’s actually not all that expensive. I have my own shop that does a lot of the work, Capone Carmelo Kustomz. Rims, radios, whatever you want!”

Room to Move
“Another reason I like vintage cars: I fit in ’em—there’s a lot of space. On some of mine I get the seat pushed back so I can stretch out. I can’t sit in them little cars!”

Cold Comfort
“Not all of my cars are old models. You can’t really drive those much in the winter anyway, especially here in Denver—they’re show cars, mostly. So I get around in a Range Rover most of the time. Plus, I just bought a new Dodge Challenger. And I have my eyes on that four-door Lamborghini concept, the Estoque! I also love the Lamborghini Marzal. I’m thinking about picking that one up. Just for the summer, of course.”