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Dwight Howard and His Joyrides

Orlando Magic super-center Dwight Howard shows off his favorite joyrides.

Tell us about that crazy bike.
It’s a Can-Am Spyder. I just got off of it! Riding my bike is my favorite thing to do. I take it on the streets, the highway, everywhere.

People must flip out when you pull up next to them.
People wave and blow their horns and yell, “Hey, are you going to stay in Orlando?” That’s what I hear now.

That’s a sweet paint job.
Yeah, I got the Superman theme, like I bring to the game. It has little police lights at the throttle and Superman-colored lights. It looks pretty good at night.

Does Shaq give you beef about the colors?
He has no problem with it. I just talked to him the other day—we’re cool. He understands that it’s just
for fun. A lot of people call themselves Superman, so there’s no way somebody could be mad about it.

The white cars are a Rolls-Royce Ghost and a Maybach. Anything on your wish list?
I wish I were shorter sometimes. Then I’d have all the sports cars. I’m just so tall
I can’t fit into any of them.