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Get Your Jeep To Go Topless With The Touch Of A Button

The new "Powertop" from Rugged Ridge makes dropping your Jeep's top a snap.


We love Jeeps. They're awesome-looking, they're fun to drive, and if it weren't for them, there's a good chance we would have lost World War II. The one thing we don't like about a Jeep, though, is removing its top. First of all, you have to get out—which really sucks if it starts raining all of a sudden—and then you have to mess around with a bunch of confusing snaps and not-quite-sticky-enough Velcro. Well, turns out the folks over at Rugged Ridge were listening to our cries. The Rugged Ridge PowerTop, which replaces your Jeep's manual cloth top, is operated from the driver’s seat by the push of a button and opens or closes in five seconds flat. Storage space and cargo areas are unaffected, which means you can still carry around just as many blow-up girlfriends as you do now.

The Rugged Ridge PowerTop is available online and through select Jeep retailers nationwide for $5,000.

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