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Superventriloquist Jeff Dunham Talks Cars

The stand-up comedian and superventriloquist and his little buddy Achmed roll in Bat-tastic style.

Photographed by Ramona Rosales | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

How many cars do you have?
I think it's 45 or something like that.

Seems like ventriloquism has been good to you!
I look at this as my stock market. I promised my financial adviser that anything I buy will either maintain or increase its value.

Do you have a favorite?
The Batmobile

Have you ever been pulled over in it? 
One time a cop pulled me over and said, “What is this?” I was like, “Uh, the Batmobile.” How could he not know what it is? 

Do you ever feel like fighting crime while driving it? 
That was actually in the contract I signed with Warner Bros. I agreed I was not going to fight crimes if I owned this vehicle. 

Are the cars street-legal?
Everything except the Achmedmobile

Photographed by Ramona Rosales | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

What is that, anyway?
It’s a steel-body 1934 Ford. Someone chopped it up and put the skull on it. I had a DVD coming out at the time called Controlled Chaos, and we wanted to open it with Achmed driving his own car. I typed “skull hot rod” in Google, and this thing came up. I thought, This is perfect! All we have to do is change that skull to look like Achmed.

And the owner was willing to sell it to you?
I called the guy and said I was very interested in the car. He said, “I’m not interested in selling it.” I said, “Not at all?” He goes, “Nope, it’s just not for sale.” And I go, “How about for this price?” And he goes, “OK.”

What about that tank?
It’s called a Ferret Scout. It’s street-legal; it has mirrors, blinkers, and headlights. Basically, it’s a legitimate tank, but instead of having treads, it has tires and wheels.

Did you have to sign something saying you wouldn’t start a war while driving it?
No. It’s a tiny little tank, so instead of being intimidating, it’s really kind of cute.

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