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Hollywood’s sexiest Latin American since Ricardo Montalban spices up the small screen this month.

Home base: Born in Argentina; currently lives in Los Angeles
Celluloid cred: VJ on SiTV’s The Drop; featured in Something’s Gotta Give; appears in a slew of recent commercials, including ones for Wendy’s, Volvo and Coors

STUFF: Tell us a little about your gig on The Drop.
MARÍA: It’s like MTV, but more Latin. I’m the crazy one there. I don’t care about anything. I’m very spontaneous.

A lot of people say that working on TV is tough. Prove it.
For a Wendy’s commercial, I had to say, “This salad is so good.” After six hours of eating it, I was throwing up in the car. After it was over, I was like, “I don’t want to see salad for a while.”

You moved to L.A. two years ago. Has it been all parties with incoherent rock stars and suspect advances from casting directors?
I’m not into the Hollywood scene. When people come up to me and say, “I’m an agent,” I say, “OK, I’m a psychologist. Get out.” Or I talk about my husband and kids, even though I have none.

What’s the lamest way an almost-famous guy has hit on you?
I met this actor who told me he was going to be on Jay Leno. I thought he’d put in a kiss for María or something, but he didn’t say anything. Later, he was like, “Did you see the show? Did you like it?” And I’m like, “I don’t understand why you told me to see the show.” And he said, “It’s a good show, and I wanted you to see how I looked on it.” Give me a break.

What else is a deal-breaker when it comes to men?
You have to have good manners. I’ve been on so many dates, and I see how guys use the fork. This is important. I can be with the most gorgeous, talented guy, but if he doesn’t know how to eat properly, I could never take him to my parents’ house.

[Putting down Red Lobster bib and licking sticky fingers] Well, duh.

Maria Esquivel

Maria Esquivel

Maria Esquivel

Maria Esquivel

Maria Esquivel

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