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Maxim's RPM Awards: The 16 Best Cars of 2013

Range Rover Sport Autobiography
Wanna stand out from the baseball dad masses? Pull up to the kiddies’ next game in this. A rugged exterior makes it look like it’d be at home darting across the African savanna, while the plush interior and carlike drive make it just as suitable for darting across the parking lot at Stop & Shop. It’s also quick as hell (its supercharged V-8 makes 510 horsepower). 
GMC Sierra 1500
With its brawny 450 hp V-8 and beautifully sculpted body, the GMC Sierra 1500 is big and powerful and can pull off a chrome grille without looking like it’s trying too hard. Despite the Sierra’s tough exterior, its spacious inside is pure luxury, making for a comfortable ride even when tackling tough terrain…or “accidentally” backing over your neighbor’s yappy dog.
Nissan Juke Nismo
It kind of resembles a pissed-off amphibian, but the Juke Nismo is a low-cost, high-fun alternative to your standard SUV, and its unique look just might get you more tail than the average old toad. This “cross-sport” is roomy for its size and speedy for its weight. Our favorite part? It comes standard with a manual, which makes this a real driver’s drive.


If Alexander the Great ever came back from the dead, this is the car he’d drive to lead his second conquest of the known world. Capable of reaching 60 mph in less than three seconds, this Italian stallion will feel like a brutal slap in the face when it blows by you in whatever it is you’re driving. Oh, and did we mention that it tops out above 217 mph? Ferrari LaFerrari, we officially forgive you for having the dumbest name in the history of the automobile industry.
Spec Check
Base Price: $1.4 million
Engine: 6.3-liter V-12
Horsepower: 950
Torque: 660 lb.-ft.
0–60: 2.9 seconds
Top Speed: 217 mph

BMW 435i
Unlike many carmakers, BMW has a model-naming system that makes sense. Even casual car enthusiasts know the 3 is the small one, the 5 is the midsize one, and the 7 is the big boy. So why is it introducing a whole new number? What is this, math class? Well, think of the 4-series as a sportier version of the 3-series. In other words, a sportier version of what is widely regarded as the world benchmark of midsize cars. Fine, BMW, your new number adds up.
Ford Fiesta ST
There are few things on Earth more fun than a hot hatch, and the brand-new Fiesta ST is the hottest and hatchiest out there. Shaped like the head of a killer whale, Ford’s tiny terror hugs curves, zips out of tollbooths, and still has enough room in the back for your collection of vintage Highlights magazines. (Gosh, that Goofus is a troublemaker!) As an added bonus, the little guy is very thrifty with gas while still managing to pack a pocket-size punch.

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