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Back in 1984, 32-year-old Nebraska housewife Ronni McCougan took a fistful of fertility drugs and prayed with all of her might that God would bless her and her husband with a child to carry on their legacy. Well, God did one better than that—or, rather, five better than that—and delivered unto them and the world the adorable Nebraska Sextuplets. We recently sat down with the giddy girls, who still live at home with their parents, and found them to be as rascally as ever.

STUFF: So, how have you ladies been since we last spoke?

ANNE: Great!

SUSIE: Super!

ABBY: Awesome!

TAMMIE: Super super!

SPARKLES: I killed a man…just to watch him die.

STUFF: OK! Thanks, girls. That’s all we have space for. See you in another five years!

Nebraska Sextuplets

Nebraska Sextuplets

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