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Riding With Ice-T

We took real-life gangsta turned TV cop Ice-T for a back­seat ride in the new Lincoln MKT Town Car, the first non­sedan version of the iconic limo.

This is the first crossover-style Town Car. What do you think?
It caught my eye right out of the gate with that car-slash-minivan look. It looks like the future. I could see funkin’ it up. Throw on some rims, tint the windows, drop it down a little. In L.A. brothers like to drive low.

Is it spacious enough for you?
Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of room in the back here. And the sound system is great, though I’m done with the huge speakers. Guess I’m getting older.

How’s the ride?
We were talking, and I didn’t even notice the ride, so that’s a good sign. In New York you’re gonna know if you have a bad suspension, and this thing rolls pretty quiet.

When you get picked up, does the driver have a sign that says Ice-T?
No, I use my real name. People won’t know it’s me if the sign says tracy.

Do you like to chat with the driver?
Yeah, but you gotta be cautious. One day he’s your chauffeur, the next day he’s extorting your ass.

Do you ever mess with them?
We used to always fuck with drivers. We’d land and say, “Before we get to the hotel, we need crack.” But some of them don’t have a sense of humor. Once a chauffeur even called the cops on us! No one was armed at the time, though, so it was just funny.

Ice’s doc, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, is in theaters now.

Not for retail
Engine: 3.7-liter V-6
Horsepower: 300
Internet: Wi-fi ready
Legroom: 43 inches