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[These monitor melting photos were provided by and taken by Lisa Boyle.]

Rising Sung

You may know Sung Hi Lee from playing a wild and sexy porn star in The Girl Next Door. We know her after conducting this interview over the phone. We’d love to have done it in person, but she has two really big dogs and we’re pussies. (That means cat people, right?)

By Gene Newman

STUFF: What kind of research did you do to play a porn star in The Girl Next Door?
SUNG: I did another film called This Girl’s Life, where I played a porn star and had to do some porn research.

We’re very, very familiar with that sort of research.
I’ll bet. [Laughs] I spent time watching porn, checking out online porn.

Where could you possibly find any porn online?
I know, it’s really difficult nowadays.

Did you hang out with any porn stars?
Not really hung out, but met them through mutual friends and at events. People have a negative perception of them, most of which is untrue. I’m also familiar with those same unfair stereotypes because I worked with Playboy. But I met some that were nice and smart and some that just depend on how they look to get by.

Amen, sister! Ever dated a next-door neighbor? Just so you know, ours moved out, and we hear the rent’s very reasonable.
[Laughs] I haven’t. I did date someone that lived a couple of doors down, but never next door.

Would you consider yourself a girl next door?
Absolutely! A lot of girls say it, but I really feel like I’m one of the boys. I’m a huge boxing and mixed martial arts fan. I’m also all about comfort. Just hanging out and wearing jeans or sweats. It’s fun to be a girl, and get dressed up, but that’s not how I really am.

In a pivotal GND scene, you give Amanda Swisten a deep kiss. How many takes did you have to do?
I think around three or four. But it had more to do with the cramped space [in the limo] and getting everyone in the shot, rather than a desire to keep kissing. Not to say that she’s isn’t beautiful or fun to kiss.

How much tongue was involved?
Soft, light tongue, but no deep throat.

Awww, so romantic. We were looking over your massive Web site and realized we have something in common with you: We also hate people with weak handshakes.
It’s horrible! Couldn’t those types of people pretend that they care about meeting you? It’s just so arrogant and high and mighty.

How much time do you spend online?
Up until a year ago, I answered every e-mail that was sent to me. But I got really busy with work. Plus I want to try and have some sort of personal life. Now, rather than respond to e-mails, I have weekly online chats.

What’s the creepiest e-mail you’ve gotten recently? Let us clarify first: one that didn’t involve getting your penis enlarged.
There’s one particular person that won’t take no for an answer, and he’s always asking me out and wants to meet at these specific locations. He’s also an actor and I’ve run into him at castings and he won’t leave me alone.

Is it Charlie Sheen?
No! [Laughs] But this guy makes me feel a little nervous. I’m just happy that I have two big dogs.

What kind?
A black and silver 115-pound German shepherd named Rom and a 120-pounder that looks like the dog from Turner & Hooch.

Did he come with Tom Hanks?
[Laughs] No, but he’s superaffectionate.

Just like Hanks! Would you consider yourself a nerd?
I try to make it sound nicer by saying that I’m a dork. I’m just a big homebody and love word games like Scrabble and Boggle.

Tell us where we can see more of you.
I’m in a movie called Death to the Supermodels, which is like a girl version of Zoolander. It’s about a magazine that brings five supermodels to an island and they start getting killed one by one. I play Hoo-Chi, the first 5’4" supermodel.

You’re 5’4"? But you were towering over those guys in The Girl Next Door.
That’s because I was wearing six-inch hooker shoes.

Ah, now that’s comfort!

The Girl Next Door: Unrated is currently out on DVD, and it’s saucy! You can also check out more of the lovely Sung Hi Lee at her official site.

Sung Hi Lee

Sung Hi Lee

Sung Hi Lee

Sung Hi Lee

Sung Hi Lee

Sung Hi Lee

Sung Hi Lee