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Take a Ride in the Sickest Lamborghinis in Hollywood History

The new Martin Scorsese flick The Wolf of Wall Street continues the Lambos-in-film tradition. Molto bene!

If you're a filmmaker and you want your movie to get an extra boost of raw, sexy power, there's only one thing to do: cast a badass Lamborghini. Whether it's their latest model or something more old-school, the iconic Italian automaker produces cars capable of raising viewers' pulse rates to near fatal levels. Martin Scorsese knows this, which is why—to illustrate just how sickeningly rich and on-the-edge Leonardo DiCaprio's character is—he puts him behind the wheel of a vintage '80s Lamborghini Countach in his new film, The Wolf of Wall Street. So what other cinematic Lambos do we love? Here are our three personal favorites.  

Movie: Dumb and Dumber
Model: Diablo

What would you buy if you came across a suitcase full of cash? (Maybe Harry and Lloyd and aren't so dumb after all.)

Movie: The Dark Knight
Model: Murciélago

When your other car is the Batmobile, this really is the practical, low-key choice.

Movie: The Cannonball Run
Model: Countach

Based on the cast alone, it's the greatest opening credits of any movie ever. That screaming Lambo is just icing.

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